Parent and Child Pages in Bricks

A user asked:

Hi there, I have a Toggle added to the pages using ACF. I have a pages where I Loop all the pages that have that toggle ON. Easy.

Some of those pages have children. I want to create another page that loops all those children. So, I need all the children of pages that toggle on.

Any idea how to do it?

This Pro tutorial for Bricks users shows how we can

  • list all the Pages as an unordered list with indentation
  • output all the Pages that have the value of a custom field of true/false type set to true i.e., featured Pages
  • output all featured Pages that have at least 1 child i.e., parent Pages in ascending order of titles
  • output all child Pages of the featured parent Pages in ascending order of titles

Step 1

To list all the Pages in a hierarchical manner, add this in a Code element:


  	'title_li' => '',


Step 2

To output all Pages that have a true (1) or false (0) type of custom field (featured in this example) equal to 1, set up a query loop like this:

Step 3

To output all parent featured Pages ordered by titles in ascending order, enable query loop on a block.

Post type: Pages

Enable 'Query editor (PHP)'.


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