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Removing Action/Filter Inside a Plugin’s Namespaced Class Constructor

Recently worked with a friend figuring out how to remove/undo/cancel an add_action() line that's inside a plugin's constructor inside a…

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Conditional Output Based on ACF Date Field in Bricks

Looking to have a Section or other elements in Bricks rendered on the frontend only if today's date is before…

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Querying Posts by Date/Datetime Custom Fields in Bricks

This Pro tutorial shows how to configure ACF and Meta Box to query posts in Bricks by custom field(s) of…

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  • What is the format of the tutorials?

    Written. We might make a few video screencasts occasionally but most of the content is in text.

  • What is included in the membership?

    • Access to the full library of current and future premium members-only content.
    • Support and help with implementing the tutorials.
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    • Tech support on general Bricks Builder issues not covered in the tutorials.
    • Free access to premium plugins/design sets/ready-made sites or any other auxiliary products. These may be available at discounted prices for members but might not be completely free.
  • What are your Terms & Conditions?

    • While members are free to request tutorials via email or in the Facebook group, there is no guarantee we will be covering all of them.
    • Refund policy: We can refund your most recent payment only a) if any tutorial does not work after following the instructions and b) you have submitted us a ticket and given us a chance to help you and c) we are unable to make it work or resolve the problem.
    • You should not share the membership i.e., either tutorials and/or account login with people other than those in your company or your outsourcers. If we come to know that you are sharing the account information with others and/or engaging in Group Buys, we have the right to terminate your membership account with no refund.