AJAX Pagination for Other Posts on Single Posts in WordPress

One of our site members asked:

I have a single post template which shows one magazine (custom post type). In the right column there is a list of all magazine issues, which I get through a query loop. I add the Pagination element.  But when I click on next (or number 2 or 3) I don’t see any change in the list. For testing purposes I have set Post per page = 1. (I only have three issues of the magazine created so far.)

As Timmse wrote here, there is no easy or straightforward way to display a bunch of posts when viewing single posts and have a working pagination, AJAX no less in WordPress.

Thankfully, there is a wonderful free plugin called Loops & Logic that we covered in the past.

This tutorial shows how Loops & Logic can be used to output an unordered list of linked titles of posts of the specified post type whilst excluding the current post being viewed – with AJAX pagination.

Step 1

Install and activate Loops & Logic.

Step 2

At Tangible → Templates add a new Template.

Title: AJAX Paginated Posts


<If check="{Get local=post_type}" not_exists>
  <Set local=post_type>post</Set>

<ul class="posts-list">
  <Loop type="{Get local=post_type}" count=9 paged=3 orderby=date order=desc exclude="{Field id}">
    <li><a href="{Field url}"><Field title /></a></li>

<PaginateButtons />

We are checking to see if a value is being supplied to the post_type argument when this template is called (in the next step) via its shortcode. If it’s empty, it’s being set to post.

Then instructing L & L to fetch a total of 9 posts of the supplied post type or post type from the database and show 3 at a time.

Style tab:

.posts-list {
  padding-left: 1em;

Step 3

Edit your post type’s single Template.

Add a Shortcode element having the following wherever you want the posts list to be ouput.

[template name=ajax-paginated-posts post_type=service]

Replace service with the name of your post type.

Screenshot if using Bricks:

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