Conditionally Outputting Elements Only for Posts That Have a Specific Taxonomy Term

A user asked:

I have a loop with some elements shown in a card.
Some items have the taxonomy “Bestseller”.
In the card I have a text with “Bestseller” that should be shown if taxonomy = “Bestseller”.
How can I do that ?

We can use the core WordPress has_term() function for checking if the current post has a specific term of a given taxonomy.

In this example, we shall work with a Bricks query loop in which the query type is set to Projects custom post type. This CPT has a corresponding Project Type taxonomy whose sample terms are Construction, Parks and Libraries.


Now the objective is to display the last heading element only for the project items that are of Construction type.

For this we apply a Dynamic data condition on the Heading element like this:


We are passing the term slug (name or ID can also be given) as the first argument for the has_term() function. The second argument is the taxonomy name.

Note: There should NOT be a comma between the two arguments.


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  • You say there should NOT be a comma between the two arguments, but your example does have a comma between them? Please clarify this.

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