Copying Styles from ID to Class in Bricks

It is a pretty common scenario to have styled an element in Bricks using its ID instead of creating/assigning a class and then styling the class. Now you want to move the style from the ID to a class.

Fortunately, Bricks enables us to copy styles back and forth between ID and any of the classes that apply to that element.

Here are the steps to copy styles from ID to a class:

  1. Select the element for which there is at least 1 custom style set to its ID
  2. Click on the element classes input
  3. Create or select a class for the element
  4. Click on the element classes input again
  5. Click “Copy styles” icon for the element ID
  6. Click “Paste styles” icon for your desired class
  7. Click “Reset styles” for the element ID
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  • Karthikeyan Ramnath

    This was a lifesaver. The reliance on icons in bricks is often frustrating.

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