Floating Element in Bricks

In Bricks Facebook group a user asks:

If I have a floating element to show on each pages, cpt, articles… of the site, in wich template should I join it ? In oxygen I would have place it in the main… but with bricks?

Bricks offers a lot of flexibility, which means there are many ways of doing this. But the ideal way to set up a floating element in Bricks, in my opinion, would be to simply add it to a Section-type template and hook this template to wp_footer.

Here’s how:

Go to Bricks → Templates.

Here’s the JSON export from our dev site if you want a head start (uses some ACSS variables). Ensure that the template settings are correctly set, as mentioned below.

If you want to build this manually, add a new template named say “Floating Content” of type “Section”.

Edit it with Bricks and build it as needed.

The main thing to note is that position: fixed is to be set for the outer-most wrapper element in the structure with (typically) right and bottom values.

Click the cog (Settings) icon → TEMPLATE SETTINGS → CONDITIONS.

Select “Entire website” (or any other view as desired).

and for the hook name, wp_footer

There are other Bricks hook locations that could be used like bricks_after_footer and bricks_after_site_wrapper but wp_footer should be the ideal one in this case based on the mantra I learnt from either Gary Jones or Tonya Mork:


Hook late. Return early.

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  • Great tip! What is the best way to make the "popup" dissmisable when clicked, and then have it not show up on page refresh?

    The popup functionality in Bricks Builder would be preferable, but it hijacks the screen.

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