Mac Workflow for Adding Elements in Bricks Editor

Plugins like Advanced Themer provide handy 1-click buttons for inserting/adding frequently used elements in Bricks element like Section, Container, Heading, Basic Text, Image and Button. Note that Bricks also has some keyboard shortcuts natively.

As a heavy keyboard shortcuts user, I built my own custom command palette using Keyboard Maestro, a paid app for macOS. To add a Section for example, I press ⌘K in Google Chrome, begin typing Section and hit return when there’s a match.

One benefit of this workflow over plugins is that it can be used on any Bricks site that I am working on without any setup.

This is certainly not revolutionary but just documenting/sharing in case anyone else may find it useful.

Download “Bricks Group” from here.

Download “Bricks Launcher Group” from here.

Import the above in Keyboard Maestro at File → Import → Import to Macro Library…

Enable both the groups.

That’s it. You are now ready to quickly add elements in Bricks editor. Press Command-K, begin typing the name of the element you want to add (make sure the desired parent element has focus) and when you see a match, hit enter.

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  • Ros Share

    Thank you Sridhar for your work, comments and tutorials. Your knowledge is extensive. I have "known" you for many years and you are always available to help people.

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