Maintenance Mode in Bricks

Bricks 1.9.4 added the ability to set the site in Maintenance or Coming soon mode. We can also optionally select a template to be used for the same.

Here are the steps to use the maintenance feature in Bricks:

Step 1

Create a template of type ‘Single’ named say, “Maintenance”.

Edit it with Bricks and add your desired elements.

To disable header and footer, click on Settings (gear icon) → PAGE SETTINGS → GENERAL.

If you’d like to use a starter sample, here’s the JSON of the template shown in the above screenshot.

Note: Uses ACSS variables.

Step 2

Go to Bricks → Settings → Maintenance mode.

Select the template from the above step and save settings.

By default maintenance mode is set to be bypassed for all logged-in users i.e., everyone except logged-in users will see the site as being under maintenance.

If you’d like to enable the maintenance mode for everyone except the site admin, set the last dropdown to “Logged-in users with role”.

When the maintenance mode is on, Bricks adds a handy link in the WP admin bar.


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