Meta Box Relationship Slider in Bricks

This Pro tutorial provides the steps to modify the query parameter of a Bricks query loop to display slides of posts that are related to entries of a CPT via a Meta Box Relationship field.


CPT: featured-article

Meta Box Relationship: post-featured-articles
from featured-article to post

Show the post title, post excerpt and a button linking to the post's permalink of all unique posts that are connected to the items of Featured Article CPT as slides in Bricks' nestable slider on a static Page (say, the homepage).

Step 1

Install and activate Meta Box and its AIO extensions.

Create the Featured Article CPT having a slug of featured-article.

Step 2

Create a Relationship titled say, "Post -- Featured Articles" from Featured Article to Post.

Do not tick "Reciprocal relationship".

Relationships in Meta Box are bi-directional by default unlike in ACF Pro which needs a separate plugin or code snippet.

Step 3

Create Featured Article CPT entries and select 1 or more related posts for each.

Step 3

Edit your homepage (or any other static Page/template) with Bricks.

Add a Section and inside its Container, a Slider (Nestable) element.

Apply this Dynamic data condition on the Section to ensure that it gets output only if there's at least 1 post that has been selected as a related/connected item for any featured article.


We shall define this custom function in a bit.

Delete Slides 2 and 3.

Enable query loop on Slide 1. Do not set any query parameters in the builder.

Add a Heading, Basic Text and Button elements inside the Slide 1.

Change Heading's text to:


Change Basic Text's text to:


Change Button's text to Read more →

Link type: Dynamic Data


Step 4

Add the following in child theme's functions.php or a code snippets plugin:

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