Reusing Sections and Elements in Bricks

Bricks provides two solutions for reusing content:

  1. Section Templates
  2. Global Elements

Section Templates

There are three ways in which a section Template can be created:

  • Right-click on a Section or Container element in the editor and select “Save As Template” option from the context menu.
  • Click the floppy icon to the right of the element’s (Section or Container) name in the left sidebar.
  • Bricks → Templates → Add New. Enter a title and select template type “Section” and build it with Bricks.

There are two ways in which a Template can be used:

  • Insert/add a Template type of element by clicking the + button. Select your section template to be inserted. Updating a section template will update it wherever it is inserted via the Template element. In other words, this is global. Note: You may have to set the width of the Template element to 100% so it is not left aligned to the browser edge.
  • Click the Templates (folder icon) button near the top right in the editor or press ctrl/cmd + shift + L and click the INSERT TEMPLATE button. This will bring the entire structure in your current page and is editable independently.

Global Elements

Elements other than Section and Container i.e., the individual building blocks like Heading, Text can be saved as global elements (from the right-click context menu) and added via the + button.

Changing an instance of a global element will also update any/all other instances of the same element.

Fun fact: A Template element can be saved as a global element. But we don’t see a benefit in doing so.

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