User Profile Pages in Bricks

This Pro tutorial provides the steps to repurpose author archives as public user profile pages in Bricks.

Sample screenshot of


The above is the screenshot of an author archive page which typically resides at URLs like out of the box where sridhar is the Nickname of the user when editing the user profile. Steps to change the author base from author to user or if you want, to a different string like profile are included.

Here we are outputting the author's

  • Display name
  • Website (under Contact Info)
  • custom contact methods in the user profile (under Contact Info)
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
  • Biographical Info (under About Yourself)
  • Profile Picture (under About Yourself)
  • Country (custom text-type of user field)
  • Skills (custom Repeater-type of user field)

whilst ensuring that the elements are rendered only if they are not empty.

Step 1

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