Fix for “Your theme (Bricks Child Theme) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.”

Updated on 18 Feb 2023

Users of current (at the time of writing this) Bricks stable version of 1.6.2 and WooCommerce 7.4.0 will likely see notices like this in their WP admin:

with the “View affected templates” link leading to:

Until your WordPress site’s active theme (Bricks 1.6.2 in this case) is officially made compatible with the current latest version of WooCommerce (7.4.0 in this case), the fix for this outdated WooCommerce template files message is to downgrade WooCommerce to a version that is compatible with your theme.

With Bricks 1.6.2 that would be WooCommerce 7.3.0. This can be downloaded from the Advanced View tab of WooCommerce plugin in the repo here. Scroll down, select v7.3.0, download, and upload the zip overwriting WooCommerce 7.4.0.

When Bricks theme gets an update it will definitely contain the fix for this and after you update Bricks 1.6.2 to whatever is the next stable release, you can and should then update WooCommerce from 7.3.0 to whatever is the latest WooCommerce version at that time.

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  • Michał Czajka

    its solved now. 1.7 is out.

  • Alexander van Aken

    hi Shridar, I thought it's best to continue here instead of Facebook regarding the issue. So, when one has a template of cart you recommend to not follow this guide. What other option is there? Neglect the error until stable version comes out? What are the problems one can face in this scenario? Is something not working now?

    • A

      Hi Alex. It's just that when you have a cart Bricks template, it won't/might not be used for the actual rendering of cart pages. This is something you would have to test in a staging environment.

      Bricks or not, generally speaking, it is better to not update WooCommerce to the latest version until the theme is made compatible.

  • Looks like this is already resolved as part of 1.7 beta. Of course it shouldn't be used in production sites until it's a stable release of 1.7, but it's coming soon. 🙂

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