ACF Date Field Value Custom Format in Bricks

In the Bricks forum, a user asks:

Hi there, I am setting up an events calendar using bricks.

In some circumstances I would like to display the date of the event as just ‘21 Dec’ and in other places with the year too and maybe written day i.e. ‘Friday 21 Dec 2022’ .

I have created a custom field with acf for the date and it works great in my repeater on the front end, but how can I change the output of the date on a case by case basis?

Simplified I’d like to do something like {acf_date:d j}

This Pro tutorial shows how we can define a custom function and use that with the Dynamic data feature of Bricks to output any Advanced Custom Fields' Date-type of field in the specified format.

Step 1

Edit the Date Picker-type of field in your field group.

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