How to Add Custom, Conditional Skip Links in Bricks

By default, Bricks comes with two skip links out of the box, one for the main content area and one for the footer. When a user first lands on the page and start tabbing with their keyboard, this allows them a quick way 'skip' to where they want to go on the page. No need to have tab through every single focusable element to get there. (useful if you have lots of menu links in the header)

In this Pro tutorial we'll look at how we can customise these skip links for different templates, so they better match the content on the page. For example, for single posts if there are lots of other sections on the page, we may want the user to be able to skip straight to the article content, or have a way to go straight to the comments, or a sidebar or anything else.

For an archive page we may want the user to be able to skip over different content types, or go straight to a search form to help them quickly find they need, for example.

This is a BricksLabs Pro tutorial.

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