Displaying Related Post Content on a Category Archive Page in Bricks

In this Pro tutorial for Bricks users, we shall

  • use Crocoblock JetEngine (any other custom fields plugin can also be used) to select one Post for category archives
  • display the WordPress editor content with all formatting intact and featured image for the selected Post on the corresponding category archive pages

Step 1

Install and activate JetEngine.

Go to JetEngine → Meta Boxes.

Add a new meta box of the type "Posts" for Categories taxonomy.

Note that the Name/ID of the field is category-to-post. We will be using this in a later step.

Step 2

Edit your categories and select a post for each.


Step 3

Edit the template that applies to categories with Bricks.

Add a Code element where you would like to output the linked post's content having this code:

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