Nested Meta Box Query Loop Inside a CPT Query Loop in Bricks

This Pro tutorial provides the steps for setting up a cloneable Meta Box group query inside a CPT query in Bricks.


CPT: course

Meta Box field for the course CPT: events of the type Group and cloneable with these sub fields: Start Datetime and End Datetime - both of the type Datetime Picker.

CPT item 1 (Course 1):

CPT item 2 (Course 2):

A static Page having the nested query loops on the front end:

Step 1

Set the Save format for your Datetime Picker fields to Y-m-d H:i:s.

Tick "Save value as timestamp".

If your CPT entries already have the fields populated prior to making the above two changes, edit them, re-select the date and time and update.

Step 2

Edit any static Page with Bricks.

By the end of this tutorial, the structure should look like this:

Add a Section and inside its Container a "Our Courses" h2 heading.

Add a Container below the Heading.

Add a Block inside and change its name to say, "Course CPT Loop".

Enable the query loop on it and set the Post type in query settings to Courses.

Add a h3 Post Title element inside the Block.

Add a Block below the Post Title.

Change its name to say, "Events Field Loop".

Enable the query loop on it and set the Query to "MB Group: Events".

Step 3

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