Sorting a Bricks Query Loop by Custom Field Matching the URL Parameter

A member asks:

I am looking to buy traffic from a source, and could make the process more dynamic if i could have the ads all be unique but draw from a page of listings that are created within a loop. Is it possible to make the 1st listing be pulled to the top spot by using a custom variable (text) in a subid or something similar? ie: What i mean here is, subid4 is a text field assigned in metabox and the Custom post type is gifts… and there are 20 that load up in a listicle style post TIA!!

yes, that would be manually added when creating the campaign @ the traffic source!
so if niche was a skincare offer, subid8=neutrogena -- and neutrogena if possible could be a field in the cpt?

This Pro tutorial shows how we can order a Bricks query loop to output the posts that have a specific custom field (subid) whose value is equal to the URL parameter (or query string) value.

Let's consider this sample query loop at this URL:

These posts have a subid custom field and it is populated for some.

After implementing the tutorial when is visited:

Notice how the post having the subid custom field value of toaster-oven appears at the top.

and when is visited, the post having the subid custom field value of neutrogena appears at the top:

Step 1

Edit a Page/template with Bricks and set up a query loop.

Do not set Order by and Order in the query settings.

Add the following in child theme's functions.php or a code snippets plugin:

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