Whitelisting echo functions in Bricks 1.9.7 and above

Many tutorials in our site require the use of custom functions for adding advanced customizations and functionality in Bricks builder and often these functions are echoed out using the Bricks’ echo: dynamic data tag.

For Bricks v1.9.7 and beyond, it is necessary to whitelist all such functions using the new bricks/code/echo_function_names filter. This is also needed for any core PHP functions like date().

To ensure that your echo functions continue to work after updating Bricks to 1.9.7, go to Bricks โ†’ Settings โ†’ Custom code.

Click Start: Code review button.

Review all code instances ensuring that it is something that you (or another trusted developer) has added.

Copy the generated filter code and paste it in your child theme‘s functions.php at the end.

It is NOT recommended to add this in a code plugin that stores it in the database for security reasons.

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