ACF Checkbox Sub Field as Unordered List in Bricks

Updated on 22 Sep 2023

This Pro tutorial shows how the checked options of a Checkbox-type of Sub Field inside a ACF Repeater field can be output as an unordered list.

As of Bricks 1.9.1, it is not possible to do this without writing code.

ACF field group:

json export

Repeater field being populated by editing a Page:

Result on the front end after implementing the tutorial:

Step 1

Install and activate ACF Pro.

Create your field group and populate the Repater field for entries of your post type.

Step 2

Edit your Page/template with Bricks.

Set up a query loop and select your ACF Repeater as the Type.

When done, your structure could look like this:

For outputting the checked values of your Checkbox-type sub field, use a Code element having:

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