Bricks Condition for WishList Member

Looking to render a Bricks builder element only if the user has access to a specified WishList Member level?

Add the following in child theme‘s functions.php (w/o the opening PHP tag) or a code snippets plugin:

// Function to check if the current user belongs to the specified WishList Member level.
function bl_user_has_wlm_level( $level ) {
	return wlmapi_is_user_a_member( $level, get_current_user_id() );

and apply a dynamic condition like this:


where 1679020379 is the ID of the membership level.


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  • Hi, this is great. Thanks Sridhar!

    Wondering how I would edit it so only manually approved users of a membership level can access?
    Looks like something to do with this:

    wishlistmember_approve_user_levels (action)
    Called when a member is approved on one or more levels
    $id – Member ID
    $levels – Membership Levels

    For reference that is from:

    • A

      Hi Matt. Per my understanding that hook can not help identify whether a user got automatically added to a specific level or manually by the admin. Going by the description on that doc page of "Called when a member is added to one or more levels" I don't think it is referring to manual approval of users.

      Try contacting WLM support and ask if there is a function that returns a boolean (true or false) based on whether a given user has been manually approved or not. Keep us updated.

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