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Bricks Navigator

We are pleased to announce the availability of our contribution to the Bricks’ community: Bricks Navigator.

Bricks Navigator is a free plugin that can be installed directly from your WordPress install and adds handy shortcuts to various parts of the Bricks admin interface plus external links – official and third-party. repo link:


You may also want to enable it in the Bricks editor.

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  • This fixes the issue:
    #bricks-panel-inner {
    padding-top: var(--wp-admin--admin-bar--height);
    Cheers. 🙂

  • Love the plugin, but same overlapping issue even on 1.0.2. Cheers.

  • Michael Johansen

    Hi Sridhar Kataram,

    Bricks Navigator is a really great plugin - generally saves me a lot of time.

    But unfortunately I have had a BIG problem with my header sections and information at the top of the Bricks interface - it is like "cut off" at a distance equal to the added admin bar, when I enable "Show admin bar in Bricks editor".

    I initially thought it was coming from choices I had made in Bricks itself, Advanced Themer, ACSS and a few other specific Bricks plugins that I have.

    It was only at the very end of my search that I went through the Bricks Navigator Settings and noticed that "Show admin bar in Bricks editor" was clicked on the sites that HAD the issue, but not on others.

    In the plugin homepage it seems like you are aware of this issue and just fixed it:

    "1.0.2 ( Nov 10, 2023 )

    Fixed the CSS for the “Show admin bar in Bricks setting” is enabled"

    But unfortunately it is still very much an issue for me in all the three primary browsers (Safari, Firefox and Chrome).

    I would assume that others would also be using endless time trying to figure out why their header element is only half showing and perhaps also noticing that a small top part of their Bricks interface is also "cut off".

    I can send you screen prints if you want to see the issue physically in a screen print (with/without the feature enabled).

    Except for this it is a really great plugin - thank you very much for your work on it. But this issue is really big and I hope you will fix it soon. Because if you can make the top of the interface/the header show properly, I would definitely want to enable that feature.

    Looking forward to hear back from you.

    Kind regards

    Michael Johansen

  • Part of every install. Thanks guys!

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