Dynamic Data :value filter in Bricks

Bricks 1.5.7 introduced a new :value dynamic data filter.

This tutorial provides a practical example of how this filter can be used.

Meta Box Checkbox List

When a Meta Box Checkbox List type of field has both values and labels for the choices like this:


and let’s say a specific Page has the field populated like this:

To display the selected values as a comma-separated list, you could add a Basic Text component in Bricks and replace the default placeholder text with:


where checkbox_list_inf0r0gxcl is the field ID.

But this will output the labels, not the values:

Red, Green

This is where the :value filter comes in.

Tacking on :value at the end of the dynamic data tag like this:


will output the values instead (if that is what you are trying to show):

red, green

Now let’s say you want to output a Section only if red is one of the ticked choices value.

This can be done like this:

where the dynamic data tag is the same as before, with the :value filter:


ACF Checkbox

The :value filter is not needed with ACF since the Return value for a Checkbox type of field is set to “Value” by default.


outputs comma-separated values:

red, green

Note: When Return Value is set to Label, using :value filter will NOT output the values. There does not seem to be a way to show the values without writing code in this case.

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  • Found this page and have the same question as Michael above. Would love to find a way to output the items as a items. Or, really, even just replace the comma with another character such as a forward slash.

  • Michael Kern

    Is there a way to get Bricks to display these in a CSS-styled list instead of just comma-separated values?

    • A

      Not natively as far as I know. We could define a custom function for this. Which custom fields plugin do you use?

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