Dynamic HappyFiles Gallery in Bricks with Meta Box or ACF Pro

Updated on 12 Jul 2023

This Pro tutorial provides the steps to show the images uploaded to an "Image Advanced" type of custom field created using Meta Box or "Gallery" type of custom field created using ACF Pro as a gallery using HappyFiles Pro in Bricks.

While Bricks does have an Image Gallery element, it does not have all the features possible in HappyFiles gallery, like showing image caption and thumbnail navigation in the lightbox.

Field group (screenshot when using Meta Box, with ACF the field type would be Gallery instead):

Field populated for the Page:

Page on the front end:

Meta Box

Step 1

Create a field group for your post type having an "Image Advanced" type of custom field with an ID of page_gallery.

Step 2

Edit your Pages and populate the custom field by selecting/uploading images from/to the media gallery.

Step 3

Define a custom function that is going to be used in the next step.

Add the following in child theme's functions.php or a code snippets plugin:

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