Frontend Editing with ACF in Bricks


This Pro tutorial provides the steps to show a form on single posts on the front end for admins and the post author using which the post title, WordPress content and custom field values can be updated in Bricks.

We are going to

Step 1

Ensure that Code Execution is enabled for admin user role at Bricks → Settings → Builder access.

Edit the Template that applies to single items of your post type - posts in this example with Bricks.

Add a Section.

STYLE → CSS → CSS ID: acf-form-section

Add a Heading inside this Section's Container and set its text to "Edit this post".

Add a Code element below it having:

This is a Pro members-only tutorial.

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  • Justin Blank

    I have the same question for Metabox.

    • John McBade

      I also would like to see how this is done in Metabox. I also would like the form to be presented in a Modal with Bricks Extras.

  • Peter Nelis

    Was just going to add the same question as the above – would a tutorial for this using MetaBox be possible?

  • Steffen Fasselt

    Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. I am looking for the same thing in Metabox. Is frontend editing possible with MB?

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