Meta Box Settings Fields in Bricks

This Pro tutorial is the equivalent of our earlier ACF Options Fields in Bricks article but when using Meta Box.

While retrieving the values of fields at the top level in Meta Box settings page is straightforward, we will need to write a custom function to get the values of fields inside a group.

Step 1

Install Meta Box and Meta Box AIO plugins.

Go to Meta Box > Settings Pages and click New Settings Page.

Give it a title of say, "Sitewide".

Click Publish.

The Settings Page ID should already become sitewide. We will be referring to this slug in a later step.

Step 2

Go to Meta Box → Custom Fields and create fields or import this field group.

Step 3

Click Sitewide in the admin menu and populate the custom fields.

Step 4

To get the value of the phone field in Bricks editor, here's the dynamic tag:


where sitewide is the Option name (if present) or the Settings Page ID and phone is the ID of the field in that settings page.

To have the phone number as a link, set the URL (External URL) to:


Let's define a custom function to get the value of a specified custom field from inside the specified group on Meta Box Settings page.

Add this in child theme's functions.php:

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  • Andre beltrame

    Nice tutorial,
    I’ve asked in the bricks forum why the dinamyc field isn’t working like


    settings = is my Settings Page
    info = my group of fields
    address = field

    This same line was generated by the dynamic variables. There’s a solution in your post, but you think this is a bug?

    • A

      The fields from ACF/Meta Box options/settings page didn’t work me using Bricks integration during my testing. I thought the integration for them is limited to only when the fields are attached to a post type. Worth contacting them for clarification if you want but we can also work around it as shown in the tutorials here.

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