Post sub field Bricks Query Loop in a Meta Box Group field

Let's consider this Meta Box field group for Pages:

FAQs is a Group-type of field in which one of the sub fields is "Answer Post", a Post-type of field.

"Sample Page" being edited:

On the front end we want to show the question heading and below that, the content (rather the excerpt) of the selected answer post for each question as the answer.

Like this:

This Pro tutorial for Bricks users shows how we can loop through the FAQs Meta Box group and inside that set up another query loop to show the selected post's data. This is one of the few ways in which this problem can be solved.

Step 1

Edit the Template that applies to your post type or a specific Page with Bricks.

Add a Section and inside its Container, add a Block and enable query loop on it.

Select your Meta Box group as the query type.

You may want to add a Heading element and set its text to the Question sub field.

Step 2

Add a Block beneath the Heading.

Enable query loop and the PHP query editor.


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