ACF Font Awesome Field in Bricks

This Pro tutorial walks you through using the Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome Field plugin in Bricks for showing Font Awesome icons.

Consider this ACF field group with a Repeater field having the Font Awesome ACF sub field for a Page:

Result after implementing the tutorial:

Step 1

Install the Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome Field plugin and activate it.

Create the ACF field group for your desired location (all Pages in this example).

JSON export of the field group

For the 'Font Awesome Icon' type field, leave the Return Value as 'Icon Element'.

Set 'Enqueue FontAwesome' to Yes. The plugin loads FA only on the pages where the icons are used.

Step 2

Edit your Page or Template with Bricks.

Copy the JSON from the link below and paste it in the Bricks editor.

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