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I have an ACF repeater field with name book_translations. Inside that I have a Post Object field where I select a related woocommerce product for a post and has name book_for_selected_language. In the front end I’m trying to output the featured image of the selected product using an image element and the dynamic shortcode {acf_book_translations_book_for_selected_language} but nothing is rendering.

How can I get the featured image from the post object that lies inside a repeater field? Do I need to write a custom function and call it using echo?

This Pro tutorial for Bricks users provides the steps to output posts of another post type related to the current single post via ACF Post Object sub field inside a Repeater.

If the multiple posts selection setting is enabled for the Post Object-type sub field, follow Related Posts using ACF Post Object in Bricks tutorial instead.

In this example, we shall output products related to the current single post being viewed.

ACF field group:

Set the Post Object field's Return Format to Post ID.

When a post is being edited:

Output on the front end after implementing the tutorial:

The Section will be set to output conditionally only if there is at least 1 related product.

We shall also ensure that 's' gets added to the 'Related Product' heading text if the number of matching or related products for the current post is more than 1.

Both Products element (screenshot) and query loop methods are covered.

Step 1

Add the following in child theme's functions.php (w/o the opening PHP tag) or a code snippets plugin:

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