Accessing ACF Repeater Sub Fields Programmatically in Bricks Query Loop

It is possible to output sub field’s values when a Bricks query loop’s type has been set to a ACF Repeater without writing code. This is built-in.

If you are looking to get/output the sub field’s value via code instead, simply using the_sub_field() or get_sub_field() is not going to work [unless we loop through the entire have_rows()].

Here’s how the sub field values can be output in a Code element:


// get the current row in the loop
$acf_row = \Bricks\Query::get_loop_object();
// print_r( $acf_row );

echo $acf_row['details']; 





for example, sample output of

print_r( $acf_row );


Array ( [name] => Head Massage [details] => Dolor tempor irure irure aute pariatur. Aliqua mollit cillum ad elit. Elit aliquip fugiat reprehenderit incididunt deserunt. Aliqua qui magna amet proident fugiat ut exercitation exercitation enim sunt velit incididunt pariatur. )


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