Querying Posts by Date/Datetime Custom Fields in Bricks

This Pro tutorial shows how to configure ACF and Meta Box to query posts in Bricks by custom field(s) of the type Date/Date Time Picker when using ACF or Date/Datetime when using Meta Box.

Update on 16 May 2023: Display posts only from today and in the future - Show only the posts whose date-type custom field's value is today or in the future

Update on 24 Jan 2023: This tutorial has also been tested with a Date type of field created using Pods and is confirmed to work.

Let's take an example of a testimonial custom post type with banner_start and banner_end custom fields of Date or type.

The process is the same regardless of which custom fields plugin is used.

The objective is to pull all the testimonials for which banner_start is equal to earlier/less than/before now AND banner_end is equal to or later/greater than/after now i.e., basically show the banners which are relevant at the current moment in time.

So our meta query should be like this:

banner_start <= current_time && banner_end >= current_time


Display and Return Formats do not matter and can be left at their default or set to any.

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