CPT Submenu Items in ACF Pro Options Admin Menu

This Pro tutorial provides the steps to add links to

  • a taxonomy terms
  • a custom post type's "Add New"
  • a custom post type's listing

admin pages under an Options page created with ACF Pro.

All code mentioned in this tutorial is to be added in the child theme's functions.php or a code snippets plugin.

Step 1

Let's create an ACF Options page by adding:

// Add ACF Options page.
if ( function_exists( 'acf_add_options_page' ) ) {
	$options = [
		'page_title' => __( 'Site Options' ),
		'position' => '2.38856', // as 3rd item
		'menu_slug' => 'site-options', // if left empty, ACF will use the page title slug but prefixes it with acf-options-.

	acf_add_options_page( $options );

To add fields in this options page, go to Custom Fields → Add New and create a new field group. For the location, select "Site Options".

Step 2

Add the ACF Options page as a submenu. This will be the first submenu item.

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