Loop Item ID and Loop Item Object in Bricks

If you are working on a Bricks site with specific requirements, chances are you need to grab the ID and/or object of the current item (post/term/user) in the loop when using a Query Loop.

We used the following in several tutorials already on the site but just posting these here as a separate topic for easy reference.

Loop Item ID


To show it as a dynamic data tag in a text element, register a function:

function bl_get_loop_item_id() {
	return \Bricks\Query::get_loop_object_id();



Loop Item Object


To see all the properties of the object:

print( '<pre>' . print_r( \Bricks\Query::get_loop_object(), true ) . '</pre>' );



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  • I'm calling the following function in a custom query loop to get a post's media index but for some reason it stops returning the object after 80 objects, any idea why?

    function get_media_index(){
    $img = \Bricks\Query::get_loop_object();
    if($img) return $img->menu_order;

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