Testimonials Slider in Bricks

This Pro tutorial provides the steps to set up a dynamic testimonial slider in Bricks that pulls the data from a Custom Post Type's post fields and custom fields.

Main text → CPT item post content

Image → CPT item featured image

Name → CPT item post title

Position → CPT item's testifier_position custom field value

Star rating → based on CPT item's rating custom field value. If 5 is selected in the select field's dropdown, 5 stars will be output. If 4 is selected, 4 stars will be output and so on..

Step 1

Create a testimonial CPT using a plugin like CPT UI.

Step 2

Install and activate ACF.

If you would like to import the field group from our demo site, here's the json file.

Create a new field group.

Add a new field of type Text whose Field Name is testifier_position.

Add another field of type Select whose Field Name is rating.

Set the Choices to:


Set the Default Value to


Under Location, associate the field group with your Testimonial CPT.

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Step 3

Add Testimonials.

Enter/set the title, content, position, rating and featured image for each.

Step 4

Let us define a custom function that returns the HTML for stars output based on the passed-in rating argument.

In your child theme's functions.php or a snippets plugin like WPCodeBox, add:

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