How to hide/remove the Block Element from the Bricks Builder

Don’t like the new Block element in Bricks? Just copy/paste the following code into your child theme’s functions.php. By the way, It’s a terrible idea and expect things to break if you will call the block element in the future (nested elements or templates are just a couple of examples that come to mind).

// Remove the Block element from the builder
add_filter( 'bricks/builder/elements', function( $elements ) {

  $index = array_search( 'block', $elements );
  unset( $elements[$index] );

  return $elements;
} );

Or just hide it from the left panel using CSS (much safer):

#bricks-panel-elements-categories .bricks-add-element[data-element-name="block"] {
    display: none !important;

I hope this helps to get some positivity back into the Facebook community!

Note by the editor: Also see How to Exclude Elements from Bricks Editor.

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  • Pavel Janovec

    Hi, hiding elements is great, but could you make a tutorial on hiding the "Styles" tab for regular editors so that they can edit only the basic content of the element?

    • A

      I created a test user having the Editor role, then edited a Bricks-built Page whilst logged-in as that editor user and don't see the STYLE tab. Looks like it's working like you want out of the box.

  • John McBade

    I think the Block element is misunderstood for when it is helpful.

    If you are an ACSS user, Kevin gives a pretty clear use case for the Blocks element in a video for ACSS customers.

    In a nutshell, the Block element quickly creates a full width div in one click instead of a few clicks. From there you can make it have any html tag you wish.

  • That feels like the wrong approach.
    Let's create a bad ui and than hide it.

    The block together with with container should get a new section like "layout helpers".
    Here would it be great to add the premade layouts that are for whatever reason not part of the elementsmenu.

    If I don't need that elements I'm able to collapse them. Done.

    Out of interest. Is that possible to solve with also some lines of code?

    • Maxime Beguin

      There is no easy way to do that - there is no filter to manipulate the $category of the element before the output. At the moment, you would have to unregister the block -> duplicate the block element in your child theme with the new $category set to "layout helpers" -> register your new custom element. This would work now, but the block element won't be updated by the new updates anymore - you'd have to manually copy/paste the changes in your child theme anytime the Bricks Team makes changes to the core files.

      • Thank you very much for your answer! That's what I was afraid of. Then I hope that the development team has a sense and improves the UI.
        Just the premade layouts would fit gread and the whole thing as a whole package more sense.

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